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фото w211 мерседес

With Mercedes problems already being at a high because of the issues with the W the first E-Class with four headlamps , Mercedes loyalists decided to chalk the problems down as a one time occurrence and bought these cars in droves.

Many of them ditched Mercedes cars for the rest of the decade. The fun part was in , when I was helping my uncle look at midsize luxury sedans.

мерседес фото w211

In fact, the BMW salesman specifically referenced how many people had bought the 5-Series after buying out their E-Class leases because they had grown tired of taking the car to the shop all the time.

So why do I like it?

мерседес фото w211

It mainly has to do with the looks. At the time of its debut, it was fresher look than the E39 5-Series and the styling was very much improved over the W After all, the W handled better than the typical Mercedes, yet looked so good.

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And it had so many new whiz-bang tech options to make it worth the look. Unfortunately, within a month of ownership, all the problems would come out.

And there were a lot. Within six months it was leaking oil onto the garage floor.

фото w211 мерседес

Lord knows how many times he had to take it to the dealer for electrical issues. There were many problems. The E55 features The rear brakes consist of 13 mm inch discs and 4 piston calipers.

While the E55 could accelerate from mph in 9.

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They found that it accelerated from mph kph in 4. Facelift Interior The W was updated in for the model year , to address quality and technical issues raised by earlier models.

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The optional Intelligent Light System included bi-xenon headlamps and 5 different lighting functions. The bodies were restyled including the front grill, rear view mirror, redesigned headlamps, front spoiler, rear lights and steering wheel.

This engine had a high-pressure die-cast alloy cylinder block with twin-wire arc spray coated running surfaces.

мерседес фото w211

Compression ratio is According to many auto journalists, the E63 AMG was one of the quickest production sports sedans in the world. The vehicles were reinforced with steel and aramid.


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